Help us to create a game


Hello everyone, interested in the Fart Simulator 2018 Project!

If you want to help our project, it will make us infinitely grateful and we will be happy to get any help, any kind of help!

It can be just kind words and wishes, interesting ideas, nice artworks, musical compositions and any effort that may be essential to the Fart Simulator! We are looking forward to your creativity, you can get in touch with us, using any of the addresses which you can find in the “Contacts”.

We will express our appreciation to all enthusiasts on the site and in the game!

If you want to support our project financially, we assure you that this money will go ONLY to develop the Fart Simulator 2017/2018, in particular:

  • To develop the game program code and to eliminate its weak points;
  • To improve the visual part of the game by perfecting its graphics;
  • To compose our original soundtrack for the game with quality mixing and mastering;
  • To develop colorful artworks and promos;
  • To organize ad campaigns and to move the game forward;


You can support our project using any way convenient for you:
DonationAlerts –
The donation service VK  –
Or You can send money to one of the Internet wallets:








Unfortunately, all the donation services, available to us, accept only Russian currency RUB. You can find the exchange rate of your currency to the RUB here:

Thank you very much in advance!


We kindly ask you to sign donations to make us aware who you are. In this way we can include your name in the thanks list on the site and in the game itself. The most active supporter will appear in our game as Easter eggs!



Our game is developed on pure enthusiasm by several enthusiastic people who have always dreamed about creating games, but who haven’t had enough knowledge and capabilities to fulfill this dream. We had to learn from scratch, to spend almost every day working on the project, encouraging ourselves with bits of success of our endeavors. We’ve learned to program without being programmers. We tried to draw, however we aren’t artists. And after a lot of months of painstaking efforts we started to notice some results.

It is worth mentioning that while you are working on something, being driven only by your enthusiasm and belief in what you are doing, it comes a time, when this enthusiasm of yours starts fading away because there is the lack of something else to lift team’s spirit. The work starts to go much slower, as it appears that the project details are getting more complex, so it becomes much more difficult without outside assistance.

Initially, we planned to put the “Fart Simulator” on the “Steam Greenlight” platform and were preparing for this. Unfortunately, not so long ago Steam management announced the imminent closure of “Greenlight”, they changed the existing format. It put us in a difficult position, because our way to one of the most accessible and efficient platforms, which we hoped for, was closed then, and there were no other ways, taking into account our capabilities.

It’s been a long time since we started to work on the project, we have no profit and we aren’t upset by that. We are ready to continue working on our own. But the project is getting more complicated, which requires more attention and professionalism, so all of these makes us appeal to freelancers who are not free.

With respect,

the Sacriface Studio team