About Fart Simulator 2018


Genre: Fart Simulator
Platform: PC / Android?
Release: 2017/2018

“Fart Simulator” is a game developed by enthusiasts of a super young team, who call themselves a “SacriFACE Studio”.

The game offers an unique opportunity to fart endlessly on strangers, who you have never had guts to fart on in real life. Fart on everybody, including bodybuilders and police! Unique opportunity! Precious play experience!

– The most realistic simulation of the gas release process
– 4 mini games: from usual farting on strangers, to stealth and the zombie epidemic;
– Are you fed up with playing with the open world? We offer you a completely closed world!
– Negligible system requirements! Even after returning to 2004, you can easily fart on strangers without deadlock and glitches!