Zombie mini-game in Fart Simulator 2018

Now we’ll tell you about the “zombie” mini game of  Fart Simulator 2018!
This mini game is an action with the elements of survival horror, puzzles and fart.

You’ll have to survive in a silent city full of terrible monsters. To unravel a mystery, that transformed local citizens into creepy, ugly beasts, just looking at which your blood will freeze in your veins. And to answer the main question – Why are you here?

Collect lethal weapons using means turned out to be at hand and fight back the epidemic that struck this innocent town!

You’ll hear a mysterious voice from a loudspeaker which tries to help you, but does it really? Should you trust a stranger there?

All this and much more awaits you in the fascinating and furious “zombie” mini game of Fart Simulator 2018!

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