Fly Mode of Fart Simulator 2018

Let’s tell you a little about the “Fly” mini game, it’s the “Flying on fart”

Each of us is likely to have dreamed of learning how to fly or at least just going to space. Unfortunately, there were some reasons, why we weren’t able to do this, either parents did not allow us, or there was no money and sometimes the weather wasn’t simply for flying.

To everyone’s happiness, technologies have been developed dramatically and now we can fly away from the Earth and soar above the world, even though using a very specific and unfamiliar way for us.

The “Flying on fart” offers you a unique opportunity to try these technologies!

Use the reactive power of your fart to overcome distance that separates you from the most cherished dream of the mankind – the exploration of space and the construction of the first inhabited base on the moon!

Be attentive and careful, your fart energy is not infinite, you must refill jars of peas, which a race of aliens left on your way, as it foresaw the rapid appearance of FART abilities in humans!

Conquer new heights, compete with your friends and talk about your achievements in social networks! Let everyone know that you have more than just work, wife and children!

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