At the moment the game is 70-80% completed

At the moment the game is 70-80% completed. Basically we need to finish all the mini games and to improve them:

1. The main game is 80% (mechanics, sprites – almost everything is finished, it is needed to put sound, fix some bugs and possibly to make some changes in the gameplay);
2. Flying on farting mini game – 70% (almost all sprites are ready, the basic flight mechanics are written, it is necessary to add sound and to put the finishing touches in the gameplay);
3. Metal Smell Fart mini game – 85% (the boss, the ending and all mechanics are completed, it remains to put sound and music);
4. Farting quest – 85% (mechanics are ready, all sprites are created, it is planned to add some tips and sound)
5. Zombie mini game – 70% (the main mechanics are finished, as well as most of the levels, it is left to work out endings, edit a battle with the boss and put sound);
6. Hotseat mode – this mini game is up in the air, the idea of farting each other, playing on one device, is interesting, but it is still unknown whether we will have enough time to implement it or not.

Besides there are a lot of small details to work on: create a normal menu, titles, secrets, etc.

Obviously, the given percentages are very approximate, but we hope to complete the game by September. And then, we will try to put it in Steam, what problems it brings with it, we don’t know.
Stay Tuned!

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