Fart Simulator 2018 is finished!

Hello Dear Friends! We have big news for you! Fart Simulator 2018 is done! Now our game is undergoing final checks and in the beginning of December it will be released on Steam! If you are a blogger or a streamer, then send us your channels to the email sacriface.studio@gmail.com we will send you a key so […] continue reading »

Fart Simulator 2018 – coming soon!

We are happy to inform you, that Fart Simulator 2018 is officially registered to Steam! Besides, we are ready to show you the final trailer and announce the release date. Fart Simulator 2018 will be available on Steam in the end of November 2018! It’s an important event for us! The game is translated into […] continue reading »

Zombie mini-game in Fart Simulator 2018

Now we’ll tell you about the “zombie” mini game of  Fart Simulator 2018! This mini game is an action with the elements of survival horror, puzzles and fart. You’ll have to survive in a silent city full of terrible monsters. To unravel a mystery, that transformed local citizens into creepy, ugly beasts, just looking at which […] continue reading »

At the moment the game is 70-80% completed

At the moment the game is 70-80% completed. Basically we need to finish all the mini games and to improve them: 1. The main game is 80% (mechanics, sprites – almost everything is finished, it is needed to put sound, fix some bugs and possibly to make some changes in the gameplay); 2. Flying on […] continue reading »

Fart Simulator 2017 – Metal Smell Fart Official Trailer

We are happy to present you the first cinematic trailer of Fart Simulator 2017, dedicated to the stealth-mini game! Playing this mini game, you will be able to imagine what it’s like to be an officer of the Farthound special forces that is responsible for carrying out tasks of increased complexity. Neutralize terrorists, eliminate nuclear […] continue reading »

Fart Simulator 2017 on E3!

  We are happy to inform you that “Fart SImulator 2017” will be showcased at the annual international exhibition of the computer game industry E3, which takes place June 10-13 in Los Angeles! The debut trailer is most likely be released on June 13, at the stand of SacriFACE Studio, located in the toilet or […] continue reading »